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Backpacking is very popular in the Australian state of Tasmania, which is the smallest of the six Australian states, and the only island state of Australia. Only the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra - ACT) occupyies less space. Tasmania has a land area of some 68,400 square kilometres and is less than one-third the size of the next smallest state, its nearest neighbour Victoria. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania.

Tasmania represents little less than one per cent of the total Australian land mass and has a total population on just over 500,000, with around 200,000 living in the state capital, Hobart. Backpackers come to Tasmania in large numbers from all over the world to travel the island and experience and discover its unique beauty, and the compact nature of the island enables backpackers to travel relatively short distances, but be in a totally different town or environment. Tasmania offers a range of accommodation and transport options for backpackers.

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Aborigines had already been living in Tasmania for 10-15,000 years before white settlement and, as they became isolated from their relatives on the other side of the water, their culture and way of life developed in different ways. This depth of history here in Tasmania is not always appreciated by visitors to Australia, who often by-pass this small state, especially as it is an island which is rather expensive to reach. It is well worth the effort, however, for Tasmania has a beauty of its own and an atmosphere quite different from the rest of Australia. Encircled by the Southern Ocean and the Tasman Sea , Tasmanian has the world's cleanest air and purest water, fertile soils, and superb local seafood, fresh produce, beer and wine.

You will find a good range of hostel accommodation throughout Tasmania as well as an active backpacker culture. Seasonal employment can be obtained in areas such as fruit picking. Public transport is reasonable, however to get to some of the more remote areas it is often cheaper to rent a used car, which many car rental companies catering to the backpacker market.


Tasmania is ideally suited to people travelling on a budget, however many backpackers travelling to Australia miss out on the sheer delights of Tassie due to the sometimes high coast of crossing Bass Strait. However, take the time to carefully consider Tasmania when backpacking in Australia as cheap flights can be obtained on low cost carrier airlines Virgin Blue, Jetstar and Tiger Airlines.

Tasmania offers backpacker suitable, affordable accommodation and youth hostels in most major towns and in many cases close to national parks where you can undertake a range of outdooe pursuits. Tasmania is a relatively easy place to explore if you are travelling with a big heavy pack on your back with travel distances relatively short. Bus transport covers most of Tasmania's major attractions and points of interest, and the locals are generally very friendly and welcoming taking time to sit down and have a chat. Tassie's backpacker lodges and youth hostels are excellent places to meet people like you with shared interests and experiences and to share stories and travel ideas.

Accommodation types vary from town to town; some offer dormitory style rooms; others provide a choice of bunks, double, twin and single rooms. Typically bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared with communal dining, kitchen and living areas. Most places offer laundry facilities, although sometimes there will be extra cahrges to operate washing machines and dryers.

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Tasmania's climate can be unpredictable at times, and whilst Hobart has the second lowest rainfall of any Australian state or territory, it tends to have more rain days. In parts of Tasmania, such as Strahan on the west coaast, higher rainfalls are common and result in tracts of pristine forests and, at times, raging rivers. It is a popular area for walking, and the Overland Track between Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair, in particular, is one of the world’s most famous treks.

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Camping Tasmania

Camping is very popular in Tasmania, and in many cases you can stay ffor free in mganificnet locations for up to 4-weeks at a time. Read more

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Getting To Tasmania

A popular way of getting to Tasmania is via the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, which travels from Melbourne to Devonport and return. Read more ..

weather tasmania Tasmania enjoys a mild temperate climate, with 4 distinct seasons and variable weather conditions from coastal areas to the central highlands. When bushwlaking in Tasmania, always consider Tasmania's changeable weather conditions - even in Summer, conditions can change quickly.
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The Summer Season in Tasmania (01 December to 28 February is the most popular time to visit Tasmania. For backpackers, however, all times of the year are great and offer many different experiences but you must be prepared as in colder winter months, the days are short and the average daily temperature may be as low as 5c during the day in some of Tassie's more remote areas.

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